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But it’s okay


It’s been a while!

Imy Tumblr. I haven’t been on in a long time but Im in need of a good venting to myself. So I’m trying to lose weight. Alot. I’ve let myself go soo bad and it’s causing me to feel insecure about myself and everything I wear, which is a problem. I’m tired of not being comfortable to wear what I wanna wear or the fact that I don’t get excited for shopping anymore cause I’m not even trying to find out what size I am now. It sucks. Probably why I’ve started loving make up more. Cause I can hide my face flaws every day no matter how fat my face gets or how dark my under eyes are. Anyway, hopefully I accomplish at least a significant change cause I don’t wanna live like this. I’m a girl. I’m supposed to feel fab.

Idk how many more of these little nights I can take tbh